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This is, of course, the old Evse link page. For a much better, more comprehensive set of links, go back to the Evil Network.

Online comic-related links:

Player Versus Player
This is the best online comic in existence, hands down. Scott Kurtz inspired me to use my pen for evil, creating my own comic strip. To say that Scott is dedicated to his readers would be an embarrassing understatement. You have to read this comic. The rabid squirrels say so.
updated daily

Another strip by Scott Kurtz that was introduced June 5, 2000. All EverQuest humor, all one-panel goodness. Gotta love a cartoonist that works this hard.
updated weekly

Penny Arcade and The Bench
This strip is about two guys--Tycho and Gabe--and their wacky mad-cap adventures in gaming, technology, and setting people on fire. This is quality stuff, friends, and takes you back to the carefree days of little or no obligations, and playing video games all day long. Ahhhhh. Read this. Or, you can draw your own Bench strip. Check it out there.
updated Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with Sunday Bench comics

Lethal Doses
More quality stuff. Hot Soup draws this strip about a bunch of friends. Yep. That's the whole premise. You can do anything with that idea! Hilarious, well-drawn stuff. I highly suggest you check it out.
updated Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Real Life
You have to love truth in advertising. This comic, by Greg Dean, actually is based on his life (loosely interpreted), and features actual drawings of his actual friends. Oh, and it's funny, too. Go there!
updated daily

Demise Comics
This is an excellent strip drawn by Scott Thigpen, discovered through the magic of the PvP Forums. Great art, story, and characterization. I haven't seen very much of this comic, but what I have seen, I love.
updated daily

This Nate Piekos creation is a great little corner of the Internet. Within lies a fantastically detailed online comicbook, as well as inspired comic book/strip fonts that are free and available for download. The fonts are great, and the comic is greater. Go there!
updated not very often

The 2nd Coming
This comic by Vince Bryant surprised me recently with some great stuff. I didn't like it when it first came out about a month ago, but now, I'm a big fan of Vince's work. You should check it out for yourself.
updated daily

Outpost Comics

Gaming-related links:

Up-to-date inside computer gaming news, in-depth articles, previews and reviews aplenty--very smooth and thorough PC gaming source. I suggest that any true gamer have this site bookmarked, and that that bookmark be used on a daily basis.

Computer Gaming World Magazine
Great PC gaming magazine that has pretty much the same fantastic reputation that its overlord, Gamespot, has. After checking out the site, you should get a subscription.

Blue's News
Extremely authoratative and complete infor site. They do a tremendous amount of research there, and post EVERYTHING that has to do with the gaming industry as a whole. Sometimes, the explosive information everyone else is talking about is hard to find there, just because it's congested with everything else in the gaming world. But check it out anyways.

Less reliable a news site than Gamespot, in my own most humble opinion, but the site has great interactivity, and the people who staff it are nuts. They're also game-crazy, so that right there is reason enough to check it out.

Old Man Murray
These guys are nuts. Absolutely and completely nuts. Sometimes I wonder if they know anything at all about gaming; then I realize that they know quite a bit, and it's I who is the one that's really lost. If you can choke it down, there's probably some good stuff there.

Star Wars-related links:

The official Star Wars news and information site. This site is great for background information and behind-the-scenes nifty stuff. Do NOT go here for news updates.
Go HERE. This site has the latest scoop on everything in the entirety of the Star Wars universe. They can and will do anything they can to please the fans. Dedicated staff.

Film-related links:

Brought to you by the same people that provide Quality news updates, which fans of their work are used to. They feature different movies every month, and usually cover the ones with a real fan base for quite some time. Check it out for the latest news on the movie you're looking forward to the most.

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