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The Evil Cast: redesigned.
Everyone's allowed a growth period. Mine just happened to be much shorter than that of most other people. After only 3 comics, I noticed that I was still unhappy with the design of the characters. The problem? There really was no design. I decided to give some characters some traits, and other characters other traits. This was done arbitrarily and without any real concern for form, function, or--dare I say it--composition. So, I unveil my own personal v.2.0 of characters. Everything else will stay relatively untouched. For now, I change what I think should be changed.

This is Doctor Setebos. He is the brains (more or less) of the Masters of Evil, a group of somewhat apathetic, yet still very much evil, "supervillains." He has a fascination with technology, especially creating robots and machinery, but has little or no actual computer savvy. His niece takes care of those aspects of the business. His v.2.0 change included a simple rounding of the edges to add a bit of a softer quality, and a little height adjustment. No visual changes can possibly mask the fact that he is still--and forever will be--completely lost in his element. But, hey--he is truly evil.

This is Vortex, neice to Doctor Setebos. If you've read the first comics, there is an immediate obvious change to her character. She is no longer a proud, large-busted, latex-and-vinyl-wrapped 20-something female stereotype--she is now a smartalec little 12-year-old know-it-all evil computer genius. Quite an alteration, eh? She is considered to be the REAL brains behind the Masters of Evil, hacking her way into Caliban's databases on a daily basis to see what is going on in their enemy's fortress. Hers was a welcome change. I wasn't living up to the old Vortex's standards.

This is Speed Demon. He is a self-proclaimed Master of Love and Internet Gaming. He is your typical high-schooler gamer that just signed up for the Masters of Evil as a part-time summer job, which turned into a career that he finds time to enjoy every once in a while. Yet another smartalec. Get used to it. His redesign got the hair out of his eyes and hid them behind glasses, instead. Go figure. He will always have the cool hat, though. My fiancÚ said Speed Demon looks a lot like me (I have a hat like that that I wear all the time, too; and I also have glasses). I guess I truly pour myself into my work. They always say art imitates life, don't they?

This is SteelSkin. He was a last-minute addition to the Masters of Evil crew. I needed a team member that Doctor Setebos could create and control and wouldn't give him much in the way of "resistance." SteelSkin was the result of that thought. He was originally created to be big, bulky, and boxy, and--even though he is a big, bulky, boxy, clunky robot--I wanted him to be a bit smoother and more personable. He will have a less toast-popping personality, now. I plan to use this guy a lot. He's one of my favorites.

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