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This is the Samurai. A master in the martial arts of feudal Japan, this member of the organization always emanates a respectful decorum and behavior, as well as the loyalty of a man who follows to the letter the traditions of Japanese society. He is a master of the bo and quarterstaff, as well as the pike, the katana, the dochi, and the naginata. A very honorable and powerful enemy of the Masters of Evil, and one that hands his most sincere loyalties only to Caliban.
This is Distortion. Very little is actually know about her abilities, but rumor has it that it has something to do with matter transference and the telekinetic manipulation of the space-time continuum. Yeah, that sounds logical. In all honesty, her ability includes the warping of her surrounding environment in order to give her the appearance of disappearance. Her ability (very much like that of Vortex's ability to rip open the very fabric of the space-time continuum) is based on principles of physics that even Trekkies can't possibly fathom. Just leave her alone.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Caliban. He, like the Samurai, is a master of many martial arts and feudal Japanese weaponry. His battlesuit gives him the added strength of a veritable Strongarm. He has never removed the suit, and no one really knows what his true form is beneath the reinforced steel and electrical wiring. He is evil, malicious, and cunning, but not too cunning, or else he wouldn't need King Hawk. Also, if he were any smarter, he would know better than to go up against the evil genius of one Doctor Setebos. Caliban leads the Evil Network with his brawn and muscle, and Doctor Setebos with his genius and intellect. Who is the true Master of Evil? We will decide, but not in Kitchen Stadium...

doctor setebos