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This is King Hawk. Although not an actual king, he is still a very regal figure (he is the very model of a modern major general) that includes as a part of his limited arsenal the infamous 40 railgun-wielding monkeys. Pictured here is King Hawk with 2 of his commanders; Machiavelli (on the right), and Garsthenes (on the left). King Hawk is a relatively new addition to the Evil Network, but a welcome one. His abilities minus the monkeys include hiding in corners and screaming like a girl. When not doing either of those, he can be found actually engaging in fierce combat with his rapier of choice, assisted by his pet hawk, Icarus (not available for picture). Despite his appearance and conduct, King Hawk is a feared enemy, due to his vastly superior intellect and skill in military strategy.
This is v242. He is basically a virus created in the Evil Network's laboratory by Caliban's very own evil mad scientist, ArshrAAm. Little is known about the effects of the v242 virus, but one thing is for sure: he doesn't really look very scary. Hmmmmm... Looks can be deceiving...
This is ArshrAAm, the dreaded evil mad scientist that works for Caliban. Deep inside the bowels of the Evil Network's lair lie the dungeon-like laboratory of this fiend. All day and all night (with the exception of paid holidays and sick leave), ArshrAAm toils mercilessly at creating new and profound ways of torturing, killing, and sometimes even hurting the Evil Network's enemies, the Masters of Evil. ArshrAAm's past is just as clouded and mysterious as Caliban's, and every bit as evil. Of course, on a lighter note, he does have sort of a good-looking "John Romero-ish" quality, doesn't he? Uhm, sorry about that. I'll shut up now.
This is the Tentacle. Little is known about this foul beast. He appears alien in origin, given his octopus-like similarities (minus 4 legs), evil eyes, lack of mouth, ears, and nose, and his obviously alien ability to communicate telepathically, although even then, it doesn't tend to say very much. Other than that, all Caliban really knows about the Tentacle is that it is completely loyal and has yet to eat anything at all, including other members of the Evil Network, which everyone agrees is a very good thing.
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