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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Green Ranger. Don't bother telling him that he sounds like a member of an elite force of crime-fighters found in kids programming on Saturday mornings--he's already heard it. He prefers to think of the name as one that connects him to his druidic heritage, and late nights playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends in his parent's basement. He enjoys a quiet countennence, a peaceful alternative to combat, and bunny rabbits. But if he needs to, he trades in those twinkletoes for a quarter-staff of death, a trusty steel blade, and a bow and arrow that can't be beat.
Ah, yes--the Spindle. This wiry little guy is a self-proclaimed master of the Ninja Arts, and a lover of dark corners, secrets, and the ever-popular Thief series games. He honed his skill after hour upon hour of Dungeons & Dragons with the Green Ranger when they were kids, and the Spindle would always be found playing the thief character. Oddly enough, he wields a katana most often--a pair of them more often than not--but has a wide array of arsenal at his disposal. When he's on the jazz, stay out of his way, 'cause he may not realize you're there. It's best to just leave him be and let him think that he is the greatest Ninja/thief in existence.
This is Strongarm. The major muscle of the Masters of Evil, this gargantuan man completes the group in the most profound way. Strongarm differs from his teammates both in his ability to successfully lift 37 times his own weight, and his inability to be truly evil. He is much more kindhearted and generous, and really only goes along with Doctor Setebos and the others because he's naivé and stupid. He would love nothing more than to have the Doctor and Caliban simply shake hands and start playing nice, putting all this silly fighting nonsense behind everyone, and will probably do everything within his massive behemoth power in order to see that come about.
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